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“Parting Clouds”



Clouds parting;
the blazing rays
of the rising Sun
beating down:

only makes the fire grow;
with hate
the obstacle transpires slow.”

Waves reflect;
no matter how high it goes.

“Appreciation aids desire’s growth.”

Says with patience the silent oath;
no question to the Wind of why it blows;
raise a tempest or a recklessly vile assault,
still we’ll feel the pure expression
that by light is sowed.

Sunburn flesh;
but eyes can’t hide the glow
from a quest of justice;
inside a promise shines & pulses,
resolute currents
rise & roar.


Whispers with sincerity
vast as the sky is whole;

A Breeze
that eternally
dancing recites the song:

before the next time that you sigh in sorrow.”

I’m searching for the freedom
where life can flow.

“Dig beneath your feet,
there you will find the source.”

                                         Grassroots Poets