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“Precious Reflections”

A precious stone hangs from my neck
And unto my chest;
It rests gracefully upon my barest bone.
Its purple hue reflects
The lone reading-light above my head,
Yet I feel as if I’m staring at Orion’s belt,
Where the hunter’s jeweled sword is fastened;
Still the image mirrored couldn’t be matched
By the greatest cluster of stars.

First I see my mother;
Her silvering hair shining
As the hard-tried wisdom
That when we’re with someone
We’d be left with regrets
Unless we treasure them
Knowing we may not meet again.

Then is my niece;
Her honest eyes brilliant
With the pioneering spirit of challenge:
When we’re without someone
We’d do best to keep them in our prayers
As the heartbeat in our breast;
An all-embracing intent
To absolutely fulfill a promise.

The third is a lover;
Her smiling lips glowing
With the creativity of patience:
We could be next to one & feel absent
Or be distant & feel as united as the divine designs
Made by the constellations in the sky.

“Trails Retraced”


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June 16, 2013 – Shadows Unraveled


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June 15, 2013 – Soulful Flows Go


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“Most Just Motions”

BLOG 710X300_5

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