Monthly Archives: July 2013


July 15, 2013 – “Sudden Sounds’ Common Ground”

The ebb & flow

Of the break’s reach

Paints the shore

As it breathes;


While it withdraws

From the skin-tone beach,

Through the myriad stones,

We hear tribal beats:


A round of applause

For this final piece

Of the orchestral soul,

So endowed with peace.


The successful


Of harmonious expression,

Which at most essential levels

Everyone keeps.

“History Is To Be”


History Is constantly written. Without direction, We fall victims To the stillness Of indecision; With it, An inner compass Conducts a symphony To life’s pulsing rhythm. Aimless, Our path is trapped, Ending up An empty scribble; The patience Of perseverance … read more

7 AM, Pacific – “Uproar”


The down-trodden dust kicks up; Usually the untamed wind makes its passage, Change that’s inevitable & drastic.   This time, our forward advance causes lift-off; We need not revolt oppression as a shameless savage, Our growth’s momentum is what makes … read more

June 19, 2013 – “Pioneers: Now & Near”


This desert must’ve one day been thought insurmountable; Between colossal dunes, freezing nights, & the howls of wolfs; Something like crossing through the knot of a thousand ropes. Past failures to current nomads a house of bones, Somewhere to rest … read more

“Rivers’ Wisdom”


Rushing river Courses the mountain range’s canyon; That magnificent mirror: Constantly changing. The sturdy boulders Cause a crash, Yet it is the flow That surmounts them With unbending tolerance. read more