June 15, 2013 – Soulful Flows Go

The swift, silver, giant departs
From the wide-sky swamps
Of the bottom of the map;
The root system so key
To the crowning culture of a peaceful blossoming.

Farewell to our dearest!
My heart’s pulse
Releases the blood’s currents
As a roaring waterfall
- In our eyes just sincere tears -
Promises of a triumphant return,
As the vow of rainfall
To flow through the sawgrass anew.

We are the circulation of civilization;
Our hopes & determinations:
Its breath
- heavy sighs or uplifting songs -
A traderoute symphony.

The graffiti pieces on the passing murals
Are vibrant proof that these streets are alive,
Not just cycles that chain Earth
But the veins through which courses change;
The signature of the people;
Our modern day caravans.
Here we hear the distant echoes of diverse travels,
A rising call to genuine dialogue.
Through the chambers of this treasured fortress
Shines with thundering resonance
A single stamp & seal
Of shared struggle;
For life itself is a battle,
So to dance up to its rhythm
Is the first step
To true victory.

2 comments on “June 15, 2013 – Soulful Flows Go

  1. This work of art plays a movie in my head. It expresses everything that is in crucial need of being expressed; regardless of where one stands. Thank you for this poem!


    • Hi, Pili!
      Thank you very much for your kind words.
      I understand how you feel, that’s the profound gratitude I also share;
      finding myself in the same position: I got your back no matter what!