June 16, 2013 – Shadows Unraveled

To travel some place
You never have before
- everywhere unknown -
A seeking mind to explore
That makes you wonder:
“How could I have lived without this until now?”

To recognize one’s ignorance
Is liberating,
For the spark of wonder
That’s born from that very recognition
- with steadfast perseverance -
Becomes the light
That enlightens
The still uncharted dynamics of our mind.

And how truth pulses everywhere!

Since getting on this train to my first stop at New York,
I sat next to a teacher of literature,
Lover of poetry,
And a young man from San Francisco
- also part of my destination -
Who sought a deeper philosophy with open heart.
In meeting & then inquiring into each other’s journeys,
Our first words were:
“To a new page!”

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