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“A Fountain Pen”

To traverse the seas & the rivers surrounding them;
Surmounting winters, what source is found within?
My only weapon on this journey past the mountains’ end.

Peace is a war of words ablaze:
Strategies to raise our consciousness;
Each time that song we paint we’re armed with this
Different range of blades & cartridges;

For the driving rhythms that make our hearts just lift
To the joy that life bade as honest gift.
We will conquer mistrust, babe: I promise this!

Rains & storms then drift, again to evaporate
And the elements of nature move on to collaborate.

The greatest art bridges souls
With a faith that cannot brake.
Brave that armor’s chinks,
Strong, & stand for change!


8 comments on ““A Fountain Pen”

    • Thanks, Pili! I’m grateful to have found a way to express the feeling because I’ve been missing her so much!
      Any way, I’m happy that you find this inspiring! You capture the flow of these poems so naturally when you read them;
      also, the way you write show signs of a wonderful gift for clear self-expression that is both rare & in dire need for in today’s obscure world, full of confusion & misunderstanding.
      Whatever field you choose to pursue in life, I look forward to seeing that gift come to full fruition!
      Please take much care!

      • Thanks, Pepe! can’t wait for that to manifest, but that’s why I keep reading your poems everyday… to awaken some special way to express my own poetic art :-) and we shall all see each other shortly brotha, one love <3

    • Thanks, a lot! Do you write, too?
      I’m not sure it is much on the topic of blogger lovers but rather on the power of art in general; actually, even the setting of a poet’s journey as exemplified by the lines about the fountain pen is more of the surface meaning, while many people can relate to the deeper feeling of having made a promise & struggling to fulfill it – regardless of their chosen mediums & different walks of life. Know what I mean?

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