GrassRoots Poets Presents Flotusk

September 11, 2013: “Two but not two”

The drum
- fundamental to music of the cultures from everyone -
finds its richness in its rhythmic mixtures;
Different visions
of the one sound of our co-existence,
as a ray of light turns to many colors when it hits a prism.

Isn’t uniformity a prison?
A sickness in a system?

Yes, but essential oneness is altogether another image.
That thought is reminiscent
Of the predisposition of forgiveness:
Always willing to give with no condition
for life’s ever-changing instance.

Diversity is then no hindrance,
but endless elevation & ascendance.

We’ll see!
The flash of inspiration from the deepest intuition
is always followed by the thundering march of refined reason;
A test of our sincerity, are our words & actions consistent?

Nowadays we hear rumbling but it’s gunshots in the distance.
The single recognition of our interdependence gives rise to the most enlightened definitions,
let us seek out wisdom as the source of our resistance in the place of ammunition.

Ask yourself: What kind of world will we leave our children?

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