Grassroots Poets presents “Flotusk”

Book_Cover_grassroots_Poets  The poetry in this book blossomed over the span of about 5-7 years. One night, on the bus heading south to an Open Mic in the city, fear & doubt set into    my mind. I started reciting a verse that expounds on the liberating power of gratitude & I summoned the vitality to break through my negative emotions.

It was in that moment that I realized what would perhaps most clearly describe this book: there are people in this chaotic world that give their all to encourage others, this book is the banks for flows that by nature are inspiring to those solitary individuals. On that note, “FloTusK” carries amid its verses the very reflections from my struggles to ignite the bright light of hope in my surroundings, as well as within my own life. The story, overall, illustrates the inner transformation of one – any one. Pedro_Barilari_Poetry_photo01

The treasures of human experience are boundless, & through the lyrical dance in between 3 main characters – a Poet, a Teacher, & a King – the dynamics of the human mind are painted as close to what pulsed in my heart, with all its jewels & flaws, as I possibly could. There is a healthy anger at the crushing of stereotypes & outdated ideologies, as there is a sincere joy in the expression of natural phenomena & the wonders of the cosmos.

If you emcee in the Hip Hop community, or just love reading out-loud with friends & family, the web of rhymes throughout these verses are waves ready to surf. And if you are one to dig deep & seek, you’ll rejoice at the multidimensional structure of this volume of work: the manifestation of an undying desire for peace.



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