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“Thus I heard” (Wooord!)

” – poetry, that is, through any means necessary – ”

This may seem a bit unclear, but I’m certain that a true poet will capture the innate meaning in these words.

Simply put, I felt the necessity to clarify that all poets are welcome & that I’m searching for such committed individuals,
regardless of whether your poetry is expressed through words, photography, dance, or any other art form;
through whatever means necessary.
Whether you use pen & pad, paintbrush & canvas, a camera, or your own body, etc…
any & all channels are reliant in tone & rhythm to define the pictures we strive to illustrate;
although, in reality, the process very often feels more like sculpting – the way that we need to struggle to truly feel the breadth & depth of our innate story.

In this sense, I’ve hoped to emphasize the importance of intention over formality;
with the undaunted resolve to establish a solid web of friendship across our homes to weave a stage for the building of peace with a diverse source of creativity.

My mentor, Daisaku Ikeda, has shared the most insightful guidance on “the poetic spirit” & the need to revive this vibrant perspective in our daily lives.
This must have been the pioneering torch that has unfailingly assisted me in my exploration of the core essence of poetry.
The eternal pulse of the oneness of mentor & disciple; the devotion that consistently rotates & revolves for the sake of the harmony & growth of the cosmos;
this is aptly examined & ultimately experienced in a persevering reflection towards poetry & the compassionate mirror of nature.
This, it seems to me, is crucial in understanding the timeless vehicle that transports the mind beyond space
as sure as a single whisper will grow into a chanting chorus through the dance of “listening” & “speaking”.

In other words, the natural desire to “listen” to one’s intuition as it is intertwined with the world,
the humility to make the universal principles our teacher, to listen to the innate voice of reality,
together with the just & inevitable urge to express or “speak” the truth that we find therein, to share it with others,
is a direct manifestation of the all-embracing force that is so fundamental to all human endeavor.

With this awareness, & a determination to establish a fortress of like-minded individuals,
we hope to engage in a dialogue with people from all walks of life & with different fields & skills,
so that we may ensure that this thundering heart beat is carried on into the next century.


3 comments on ““Thus I heard” (Wooord!)

  1. Gracias, Ma! Me alegro que sientas que mis efuerzos, mientras lentos, si estan empesando a dar fruta. No se si la gente va a entender bien lo que decis de un hijo afortunado. Ademas, parece que nadie lee esto todavia. Asi que la fortuna que traemos como la semilla karmica que es la gratitud, unida con el respeto, y el crecimiento por la vida – el repago por el regalo universal de dicha promesa – prueba con toda sinceridad vivimos a ritmo con lo que decimos – evidencia de que esa fortuna eterna de fuerza vital si transciende la muerte y que por eso todos tenemos caminos unicos. Si espero que mis amigos sercanos y familia lo lea por que si siento que son ellos, la juventud y los pioneros de la paz mundial en sus comunidades, quienes si tengo alguna oportunidad a inspirar con esperanza como escribis que te sentis. Igualmente, estoy feliz de oir que los pensamientos que me esforze a expresar si tuvieron sentido. Muchisimas gracias, Ma! Peace, Pepe

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